BES-Hydroquip Circulation Heater Systems

The BES-Hydroquip line of baptistry circulation heaters are the newest addition to the baptistry heating market.  They are comprised of stainless steel bodies which almost eliminates the possibility of rust.  With the "heater in a box" mindset, this system comes complete with heater, 3/4hp circulation pump, installation hookups, and base stand.  Utilizing the larger size pump, this system can be installed up to 12' away from the baptistry, and/or up to 7' below the pool.  This system is UL listed for safety and comes with a built-in GFCI for added protection and NEC code compliance.  Easy assembly is the biggest attraction for this heater as there are color-coded circuit ports on the side of the unit to ensure proper installation of components.  Thermostat control means you can set the temperature and forget about it, and the hi-limit switch provides overheating protection as well.  With the built-in pressure switch you don't have to worry about dry-firing your element anymore.  This system also is available with add-on features like an auto-fill system, auto drain system, and remote control panel.  All components are covered with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty.  Not to be used in chlorinated water.

.BES-6000 5.5kw Circulation System $625.00
**Heats 500 gallons by 30 degrees in 6.5 hours

BES-6005 11kw Circulation System $725.00
**Heats 500 gallons by 30 degrees in 4 hours

Optional Accessories for BES systems:

Auto-Fill & Water Level Control Kit- # 48-0140P-K
Automatically fills and maintains the water level in the pool.

Auto-Fill and Drain Kit- # 48-0140P-K & # 48-0141-K
Provides both auto-fill control with auto-drain control.

Remote BES Control Panel- # 34-0038D25-D
Control your heater system from up to 25' away, also provides a digital temperature display.

Buy all three components and save $100.00!!

# 48-0140P-K Auto Fill Kit.
# 48-0141-K Auto Drain Kit
# 34-0038D25-D Remote Control Panel w/ 25' Cord
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BES-6000, 5.5kw Circulation
BES-6005, 11kw Circulation